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Trust Capital is dedicated to offering the most secure, reliable, and transparent trading environment for our valued traders.

With a variety of instruments for trading, competitive spreads and flexible leverage, traders are provided with the best online investment conditions.

  • EURUSD Bid 1.07003 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 1.07023Online Bitcoin Trading
  • GBPUSD Bid 1.20088 Forex Mentor Ask 1.20113Forex Mentor
  • USDJPY Bid 131.351 Forex Mentor Ask 131.371Forex Mentor
  • USDCHF Bid 0.92361 Forex Mentor Ask 0.92389Forex Mentor
  • USDCAD Bid 1.34288 Forex Mentor Ask 1.34313Forex Mentor
  • AUDUSD Bid 0.69234 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 0.69266Online Bitcoin Trading
  • NZDUSD Bid 0.63022 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 0.63053Online Bitcoin Trading
  • EURAUD Bid 1.54500 Forex Mentor Ask 1.54561Forex Mentor
  • EURCAD Bid 1.43691 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 1.43744Online Bitcoin Trading
  • EURCHF Bid 0.98826 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 0.98882Online Bitcoin Trading
  • EURGBP Bid 0.89087 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 0.89116Online Bitcoin Trading
  • EURJPY Bid 140.557 Forex Mentor Ask 140.586Forex Mentor
  • EURNZD Bid 1.69729 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 1.69790Online Bitcoin Trading
  • GBPAUD Bid 1.73390 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 1.73471Online Bitcoin Trading
  • GBPCAD Bid 1.61259 Forex Mentor Ask 1.61331Forex Mentor
  • GBPCHF Bid 1.10925 Forex Mentor Ask 1.10957Forex Mentor
  • GBPJPY Bid 157.750 Forex Mentor Ask 157.782Forex Mentor
  • AUDCAD Bid 0.92947 Forex Mentor Ask 0.93059Forex Mentor
  • AUDCHF Bid 0.63934 Forex Mentor Ask 0.64006Forex Mentor
  • AUDNZD Bid 1.09807 Forex Mentor Ask 1.09900Forex Mentor
  • NZDCAD Bid 0.84632 Forex Mentor Ask 0.84689Forex Mentor
  • NZDCHF Bid 0.58206 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 0.58256Online Bitcoin Trading
  • CADCHF Bid 0.68749 Forex Mentor Ask 0.68817Forex Mentor
  • CADJPY Bid 97.772 Forex Mentor Ask 97.852Forex Mentor
  • CHFJPY Bid 142.166 Online Bitcoin Trading Ask 142.242Online Bitcoin Trading

Meta Trader

Download MT4 for PC, iPad, iPhone or Android OS, to get access to a host of advanced trading tools, including technical analysis, real-time charts, live quotes, in depth-news feeds, and trading indicators.