Rollover Schedule

Rollover date on the following future CFDs

April Rollover Schedule

Instrument Description Rollover Date
CAC 40 Index Future 12/04/2024
Light Sweet Crude Oil Future 12/04/2024
US Cocoa Future 12/04/2024
Coffee ' C ' Future 12/04/2024
Soybean Future 19/04/2024
Copper Future 19/04/2024
Natural Gas Future 19/04/2024
UK Crude Oil Future 26/04/2024

Rollover adjustment explained:

If the prices of old and new futures contracts are different, a Rollover Correction will be applied as a one-time only debit or credit in the “Swap” value of your Future CFD trade to reflect the change in the price.

The value of your position continues to reflect the impact of price movement based on your original opening price, size and spread. If the new contract is trading at a higher price; Buy positions will receive a negative adjustment and Sell positions will receive a positive adjustment. Conversely, if the new contract is trading at a lower price; Buy positions will receive a positive adjustment and Sell positions will receive a negative adjustment.

Within an hour of the Rollover adjustment being applied, we will publish on the platform the new price level which will return your equity to a similar level prior to the rollover process.

With the new price level now visible on the platform, you should review the suitability of your Take Profit and Stop Levels ahead of the market opening.

Kindly note you might receive a Margin Call notice when the Rollover Charge is applied if it uses all your Free Equity. Please disregard the Margin Call notice, if your Free Equity is restored to a positive balance by the platform’s price update that will occur within an hour of receiving the Margin Call notice.

In case of any query, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service on live chat or by e-mail:

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